Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry

  • turbine engine balancing


Turbine engine balancing for aviation professionals:
– AMTs
– Test Cell Engineers and Managers
– Engine Flight Line Technicians
– Engine Vibration Specialists


Throughout the aviation industry, jet engine vibration is an everyday concern. Maintenance, repair, and overhaul crews worldwide are tasked with monitoring aircraft engine vibration to ensure flight safety and efficient service.

Gone unchecked, jet engine vibration can be the catalyst for any number of problems, from minor annoyances such as cabin noise to undue parts wear. In the most severe cases, an out-of-balance turbine could lead to catastrophic failure from metal fatigue or cracks in rotor structures.

To help engineers better understand this complex, and often misunderstood problem, Isaac Abbott, a Lead Engineer at MTI Instrument, has written this insightful whitepaper about turbine engine balancing.  The paper explores the challenges associated with understanding data when dealing with a variety of moving parts within the engine, and discusses various solutions for quicker, more reliable trim balancing results.

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