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PBS-4100+ Gen4 Improves Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing

MTI’s PBS-4100+ Gen4 is the new generation in a line of portable balancing systems (PBS) for aircraft engines. Watch this video for learning more.
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PBS-4100+ Gen4 Improves Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing

MTI’s PBS-4100+ Gen4 is the new generation in a line of portable balancing systems (PBS) for aircraft engines. Building upon MTI Instruments’ proven PBS technology, the Gen4 adds a rechargeable battery, features a two-in-one Panasonic® Toughbook, provides expanded data acquisition capabilities, and includes enhanced software for usability and convenience. Isaac Abbott, MTI’s lead engineer for PBS product development, describes PBS-4100+ Gen4 features and benefits in this introductory video.

As Abbott explains, MTI’s PBS-4100+ Gen4 is designed to solve labor-intensive challenges that the Albany, New York (USA) company has observed on flight lines over the last 30 years. Aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations can purchase the PBS-4100+ Gen4 as their very first PBS unit, or upgrade to the Gen4 from an older PBS version. Get a quote to get started.

Rechargeable Battery

As the video explains, MTI has observed that some MRO technicians drag heavy generators out to the flight line in order to power their current PBS system. That’s why the fourth-generation PBS-4100+ is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can provide up to four hours of power for both the data acquisition unit and the connected charge amplifier.

Moreover, this battery technology is seamlessly integrated into the PBS-4100+ software. For example, charge/discharge information displays on the bottom status bar of the unit’s LCD. There’s also a separate page with in-depth information about battery status. These features enable technicians to tell how much battery charge is left without returning to a charging station – and there’s no need to drag a generator.

Two-in-One Toughbook

The PBS-4100+ Gen4 comes paired with Panasonic’s CF-33 Toughbook, which has a 3:2 display for easier handling and better viewing. Like its predecessor, the CF-31, the CF-33 is ruggedized for outdoor use. Yet, the CF-33 also features a two-in-one design so that it can be used either as a laptop or tablet. By simply detaching the laptop’s keyboard, you can use the CF-33 as a lighter, more compact tablet.

Expanded Data Acquisition Capabilities

The front end of the MTI’s PBS-4100+ Gen4 has an increased frequency range to support both turboshaft and auxiliary power unit (APU) testing. Compared to previous PBS versions, the Gen4 more than doubles the input frequency range from 10 kHz to 25 kHz. The Gen 4 also adds a third tachometer input, which enables technicians to conduct on-wing tests of engines with three spools and to test engines with components that rotate at three different speeds.

Enhanced Software for Ease-of-Use

In addition to providing battery information, the software for the PBS-4100+ Gen 4 offers improved usability and convenience. For example, there’s a new cable check function that helps you to quickly check the integrity of your cables before you start the engines. In addition, intuitive and easy-to-interpret balancing solution diagrams indicate the required balance weights and where to install them.

To save time on the flight line, the vibration survey and trim balancing functions now require fewer button clicks. The PBS-4100+ Gen4 also adds a new backup and restore function that you can use to save and archive your engine parameters. This archive can serve as a master copy, get transferred to other PBS systems, or be sent to MTI Instruments if you need product support.

PBS-4100+ Gen4 Vibration Analysis and Balancing System

Housed in a bright green enclosure, the PBS-4100+ will become a familiar site wherever MROs want a better way to balance engines. Gone are the days of dragging a heavy generator to the flight line or hand-copying balance solutions to scraps of paper when installing balance weight. Whether you’re a current PBS customer who wants to learn more or are discovering PBS technology for the first time, contact MTI.

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