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Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing Basics (PBS)

The basics of aircraft engine vibration are detailed in this video. The science behind causes and measurement of vibrations are discussed along with the impacts of excessive vibration. We share tools used to analyze and correct these vibrations to ensure long life of your equipment and safety of your passengers and cargo.

Video Summary

This video walks through the basics of vibration in aircraft engines. The causes of engine vibration are discussed using illustrations to show the offset center of mass around the engine shaft and how it can cause vibrations within the engine.

The Impacts of Engine Vibrations are Highlighted and Include:

  • potential failure of fluid fittings
  • structural fatigue
  • excessive noise
  • uncomfortable vibrations felt by passengers
  • increased engine wear
  • additional fuel costs

The science (acceleration, velocity, displacement) and tools used to measure vibrations are detailed including accelerometers and charge amplifiers. The definition of excessive vibration (based on the FAA guidelines) is highlighted coupled with techniques to correct engine vibration to improve the longevity of both your aircraft and its parts while protecting the safety of your passengers and cargo.

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