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Vibration and Balancing Systems

Precision Engine Balancing with PBS-4100+

How to Set Up the PBS-4100+ (Video)

MTI Instruments own product expert Dylan walks through the typical setup of the PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System in our test lab. He describes the equipment and setup to familiarize you with the system stepping through the connections required to properly leverage this powerful tool to help with your engine balancing.

Center of Mass mis-alignment in turbine engine

Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing Basics (PBS)

The basics of aircraft engine vibration are detailed in this video. The science behind causes and measurement of vibrations are discussed along with the impacts of excessive vibration. We share tools used to analyze and correct these vibrations to ensure long life of your equipment and safety of your passengers and cargo.

Engine Vibration Analysis and Balancing Workflow

Vibration Analysis and Engine Balancing Workflow (PBS-4100+)

This video walks walks through MTI Instruments’ preferred workflow for engine vibration analysis and balancing with our Turbine Engine / Rotating Machine Measurement and Balancing systems which has been developed in cooperation with industry technicians, user experience experts and engineers over the past 30 years.