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Signal Generator Integration (1501A and PBS-4100+)

Keeping rotating machinery properly balanced is vital to the longevity of components and nearby equipment, safety, the efficiency of your equipment. MTI’s team discusses ssing the 1510A Portable Signal Generator with the PBS-4100+ at your site to perform calibrations and keep your balancing equipment up to the task.

Video Summary

Keeping rotating machinery properly balanced is important for the longevity of components and nearby equipment, safety, decreased noise, and reduced energy consumption. The portability of the 1510A makes it possible to calibrate balancing equipment like the PBS-4100+ anywhere: power plant, flight-line, test cell, manufacturing facility, mine, or medical lab. In-situ calibrations can save vast amounts of money because equipment down time is greatly reduced.

In this video, we discuss how to leverage the 1510A with PBS 4100+ software to test the readings the PBS 4100+ is producing against the 1510A signals and analyze the results for outliers to measurement tolerances.  These calibrations are important to perform periodically (every 6 to 12 months) to compensate for “drift” that occurs with complex electronics such as portable turbine engine / rotating machine measurement & balancing systems.

Additional Resources

Download documentation for the PBS 4100+ Portable Turbine Engine / Rotating Machine Measurement & Balancing System.

Download documentation for the 1510A Portable Signal Generator.

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