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Signal Generator for Field Sensor Transmission (1510A)

MTI Instruments’ 1510A Portable Signal Generator is used to validate field equipment and test instruments to ensure the use of that equipment is properly tuned for adjusting the operation of systems around these sensors. This video shows the setup of the 1510A with a variety of devices to simulate, calibrate and verify field sensor transmissions.

Video Summary

Keeping your test and measurement equipment operating accurately is critical to the efficient operation of your systems/engines.  The MTI Instruments 1510A Portable Signal Generator is the ideal tool to verify field sensor transmissions, validate the function of your equipment reading those transmissions and calibrate it if needed.

This video walks through a few scenarios where the 1510A is used:

  • Simulation of an accelerometer, which is often used to measure vibration in engines, in order to calibrate a charge amplifier that would be used to pass the accelerometer’s data to measurement systems
  • Simulation of a strain guage, which is used to measure strain of structures such as a bridge to predict potential damage or impending failure, in order to calibrate the device interpreting the output f that strain guage.
  • Simulation of an magnetic speed pickup which can calibrate an associated RPM meter
  • Testing of a techomoter to ensure it is accurate

Additionally, we highight and discuss a diagram showing real-world use cases for the 1510A Portable Signal Generator in various industries.  The diagram is shared here.

Real-world use cases by industry of the 1510A Portable Signal Generator to verify field sensor transmissions and associated equipment operation

Additional Resources

Learn more about the 1510A Portable Signal Generator and its specifications on our product page.

Download documentation for the 1510A Portable Signal Generator.

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