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Signal Generator Introduction (1501A)

Learn about MTI Instruments’ 1510A Portable Signal Generator. This piece of equipment is vital to any organization working with sensitive electronic testing and diagnostic systems. It is used to troubleshoot and callibrate a range of electronics such as test instruments, monitoring systems, equipment and components to keep them finely tuned and functioning within required parameters. Its rugged construction allows it to be used in the field close to where the equipment typically operates or on your test bench.

Video Summary

Keeping your test and measurement equipment operating accurately is critical to the efficient operation of your systems/engines.  The MTI Instruments 1510A Portable Signal Generator is the ideal tool to validate the function of your equipment and calibrate it if needed.

This video walks through the capabilities and construction of the signal generator highlighting its operating ranges and rugged design allowing the technician to leverage the tool in the shop on a test bench or even in the field next to the equipment as it operates.  Popular in aviation/aerospace, motor vehicle testing and maintenance, power generation, manufacturing equipment and medical devices, the 1510A Portable Signal Generator outputs sine waves, square, sawtooth and triangle waves across a range of settings with superior accuracy across one or two channels to simulate real-world scenarios.

Additional Resources

Learn more about the 1510A Portable Signal Generator and its specifications on our product page.

Download documentation for the 1510A Portable Signal Generator.

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