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Signal Generator for Field Sensor Transmission (1510A)

MTI Instruments’ 1510A Portable Signal Generator is used to validate field equipment and test instruments to ensure the use of that equipment is properly tuned for adjusting the operation of systems around these sensors. This video shows the setup of the 1510A with a variety of devices to simulate, calibrate and verify field sensor transmissions.

1510 Portable Signal Generator Introductory Video

Signal Generator Introduction (1501A)

Learn about MTI Instruments’ 1510A Portable Signal Generator. This piece of equipment is vital to any organization working with sensitive electronic testing and diagnostic systems. It is used to troubleshoot and callibrate a range of electronics such as test instruments, monitoring systems, equipment and components to keep them finely tuned and functioning within required parameters. Its rugged construction allows it to be used in the field close to where the equipment typically operates or on your test bench.

1510A used to calibrate the PBS 4100+

Signal Generator Integration (1501A and PBS-4100+)

Keeping rotating machinery properly balanced is vital to the longevity of components and nearby equipment, safety, the efficiency of your equipment. MTI’s team discusses ssing the 1510A Portable Signal Generator with the PBS-4100+ at your site to perform calibrations and keep your balancing equipment up to the task.

1510A Portable Precision Signal Generator

Signal Generator Overview (1510A)

The 1510A Precision Portable Signal Generator is a must-have for engineers and technicians working in a variety of fields – from routine troubleshooting and maintenance, to calibrating and tuning advanced equipment such as eddy current probes, strain gauge amplifiers, charge amplifiers for gas turbine vibration analysis, or even medical equipment.

Don Welch walks through the device and its capabilities in simulating precise signals in multiple wave forms including sinusoidal, triangle, square, and sawtooth where the frequency and amplitude can be varied as needed.