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Wafer Inspection and Metrology for Silicon Carbide Wafers (Proforma 300iSA)

Watch MTI’s Proforma 300iSA Silicon Carbide Wafers video and learn how to measure SiC wafers used in automotive electronics.

Video Summary

The Proforma 300i SA from MTI Instruments is a semi-automated instrument that can be used to measure silicon carbide (SiC) wafers used in automotive electronic systems. Compared to silicon chips, SiC semiconductors have better electrical conductivity. This enables higher switching frequencies and ensures that significantly less energy is dissipated in the form of heat – the enemy of electronics.

The Proforma 300i SA is user-friendly and designed for desktop use. Once the wafer is loaded onto the deck of the tool, and the user opens the software application, all the user needs to do is to press Enter. The hardware does the rest.

Historically, capacitance in silicon carbide was difficult or nearly impossible to measure. The Proforma 300i SA makes these measurements not just possible but highly accurate. In fact, they are accurate to plus or minus 0.250 microns.

After about thirty seconds, MTI’s software provides complete information about the wafer in form of a 3D diagram and a thickness map by surface. This information gives the user the tools to identify bow and warp issues as well as site flatness. It’s also possible to examine the data in different formats.

MTI Instruments also offers a wafer measuring service. Let our trained technicians measure your wafers and report the results back to you.

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