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Wafer Inspection and Metrology Demonstration (Proforma 300iSA)

Watch MTI’s Proforma 300i SA Demonstration Video and see how to use this desktop instrument to measure wafers with ease and accuracy.

Video Summary

The Proforma 300iSA from MTI Instruments is a simple tool that takes all the “work” out of taking accurate measurements of wafers.

Simply set the wafer under the probe, against the guides, with the wafer notch facing forward. Open the software and click the Thickness Gage Motion Active Dialog box to begin taking measurements. The Proforma 300iSA will analyze the wafer and provide the user with center thickness, average thickness, minimum thickness, maximum thickness, TTV, and bow measured at three points, three-point warp, sori, GBIR, and maximum GBIR.  The measurements are also provided on a chart for the user to compile and compare multiple wafer readings.

The software also provides a color-coded diagram analysis of the wafer and the measurements taken at all the points of the wafer.

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