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Capacitance Measurement for Vibration (Accumeasure)

Watch MTI’s Digital Accumeasure D400 Vibration Measurement Video to learn how to use this capacitance-based non-contact measurement system to make precise vibration measurements.

Video Summary

The Digital Accumeasure D400 Vibration Measurement Video shows how to measure vibration in a piezo crystal that is attached to a waveform generator. Piezoelectric crystals “hum” or vibrate when voltage is applied across the stack. By controlling the amplitude of the applied signal, the magnitude of the displacement due to the vibration can be controlled.

In this video, capacitance probes are connected to a piezo crystal that will be attached to a sinusoidal waveform generator. The first thing that’s required is to gap the probe. To achieve accurate measurements, the software and the readings must be within a range. The amplitude of vibration and the wavelength in the crystal is measured and displayed in the software.

When the piezo crystal is connected to the waveform generator, the hum from the frequency excites the crystal. In the software, the displacement strip chart shows the frequency in the crystal. Stopping the software and then and zooming in reveals the peak-to-peak amplitude of the crystal, which can be measured in the sub-micron range.

Additional Resources

Download the brochure to learn more about Digital Accumeasure technology.

Piezo stack motion can also be measured with MTI’s Fotonic sensors, which are idea for making dynamic measurement of very small oscillatory motions.

Capacitance-based measurement applications include position sensing, dynamic measurements, thickness measurements, and dielectric material thickness measurements.

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