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Capacitance Measurement Introduction (Accumeasure)

Watch MTI’s Digital Accumeasure D400 Introduction Video to see how to setup and use this capacitance-based non-contact measurement system.

Video Summary

The Digital Accumeasure D400 Introduction Video shows a complete kit with USB cable, Ethernet cable, Flash drive with software, and Digital Accumeasure. The terminal on the back is for digital output, but analog output is available as an add-on. There are also standard capacitance probes (ASP 250M-CTA), probe cables, an optional power supply (purchased separately), and an AC cord. The calibration report is for the probes to each unit and describes the noise and linearity of each probe. A computer is needed but not supplied.

Use the supplied USB cable to connect the Digital Accumeasure to the computer. Connect the capacitive probes to the front of the unit, and power to the back of the unit. Using a flathead screwdriver (not included in the kit), connect the end of the cable from the power supply to the screw on the back of the unit. Connect the probe to the KDCH 4 displacement calibration unit, and then connect the ground to the back of the fixture as well. Connect the USB cable to the back of the Digital Accumeasure.

After the software has been installed correctly, a desktop icon will be added to the computer. Open this icon and click the Scan for Unit button. The unit information will be displayed. This information will include system information such as the unit’s Model Number and Serial Number, the Hardware Revision version, Firmware revision, unit name, amplifiers, displacement channels, hardware flags, carrier sync mode, Ethernet settings, and a status display.

Clicking the User Settings tab at the top of the screen will allow the user to change settings, if needed. There is probably little need to do this since MTI pre-sets these values. If you change settings, however, be sure to save them.

Additional Resources

Download the brochure to learn more about Digital Accumeasure technology.

Watch the Digital Accumeasure Setup video to learn how to convert a capacitive electric field measurement directly into a 24-bit digital reading.

This article in AZO Materials describes the benefits of capacitive sensors.

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