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Laser Measuring Tool for Profiling (ProTrak)

Watch this ProTrack 2D Laser Profiling Demonstration Video to learn how to measure the height of objects with accuracy and precision.
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Video Summary

The ProTrack 2D Laser Profiling Demonstration Video was produced by PVI Systems, a Connecticut-based company that designs and builds test and measurement systems for clients in the defense, aerospace, manufacturing, life sciences, pharmaceutical and energy industries. A National Instruments (NI) Gold Alliance partner, PVI filmed this video during National Instruments Week several years ago.

As the presenter explains, PVI Systems used the ProTrak 2D Laser from MTI Instruments to measure the height profile of metal seals for aviation and nuclear applications. A rotary table with an accuracy up to 1 micron moved the seals and was connected to MTI’s Pro 2D laser device. The ProTrak HD profiling laser has an ultra-fast speed of 6,000 frames per second and a 2.5-micron resolution.

During National Instruments Week, PVI demonstrated the ProTrak 2D Laser’s capabilities by measuring the height of pieces of candy. These candies were placed on a spinning wheel. As a piece of candy moved in front of the laser, a best-fit algorithm identified the candy based on its height profile. Drivers from MTI and software developed by PVI Systems supported this effort.

As the ProTrack 2D Laser Profiling Demonstration Video shows, the ProTrack 2D Laser can measure the inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) of an object with 1/10000th inch accuracy. Parts are passed from station to station along a conveyor belt with a series of grippers and can be sorted into a “good bin” or “bad bin” based on the results of height inspection.

Additional Resources

Download the ProTrak 2D/3D Series HD brochure from MTI Instruments.

Learn about the ProTrak G series compact profiling sensors for tight spaces.

AZO Sensors summarizes the key features of the ProTrak™ HD laser displacement sensor.

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