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Laser Measuring Tool Connection to Panel Meter (MicroTrak 3)

Watch this MicroTrak 3 demonstration video to learn how to configure and connect digital panel displays to analog measurement devices.

Video Summary

In this video, we demonstrate how to program or configure and connect a digital panel meter to the MicroTrak 3 Laser.  We use the Lascar Electronics PanelPilot model SGD 24-M connecting it to the analog outputs of the MicroTrak 3 laser.

MTI Instruments’ Don Welch walks through configuring the display of the meter along with the type measurement (absolute or relative) and the ranges associated with measurements you will be taking according to the meter specifications. This is done with the software downloaded from the Lascar Electronics site for this model PilotPanel meter on a laptop connected to the meter with a USB cable. Once the configuration is saved and uploaded to the meter, the USB cable is disconnected and hooked up to 24v power leads (a range of voltages are acceptable based on the model of meter you are using). Don then connects the panel meter to the MicroTrak 3 Laser using the single channel connection of the meter and demonstrates its use.

Additional Resources

See the Application Note covering the use of Digital Panel Displays with MTI Instruments Analog Measurement tools.

Download the MicroTrak 3 product brochure from MTI Instruments.

Download specs and diagrams for the MicroTrak 3 laser.

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