Handheld Signal Source Generator

Technology Principles, Products, and Applications

The MTI 1510A Portable Signal Generator is a sophisticated two channel battery powered microprocessor controlled direct digital synthesizer. It can generate sine, square, saw tooth and triangle continuous signals on both channels as well as single pulse and odd pulses on the B channel to simulate tachometer output pulses. The main reason for two channels is to be able to create a phase shift in the A to B output signals as may be encountered in a piece of rotating equipment such as a jet engine. The A channel also has the ability to simulate precise DC signals or DC offsets and even Microvolt output signals to simulate strain gauge sensors. The medical industry has found the low level signals ideal for simulating EEG and EKG sensor signals. Both channels are also capable of sweeping their frequencies over a programmable interval. The channel B frequency can even be swept synchronously with channel a if the B frequency is set to any ratio of channel A. The phase between the swept channels is even preserved during the sweep. Both channels have an output range of 0 to 9.9999 Volts pk. The range of frequencies extends from DC to 100kHz. Channel A also has charge output that ranges from 10pico coulombs to 10,000 pC. This is ideal for simulating charge amplifier input signals.

All the signals are all tied back to a highly stable quartz crystal oscillator. For the highest accuracy the microprocessor also monitors temperatures such that it can compensate for temperature changes. In bridge mode where tiny voltage drops across circuit components can affect the accuracy of the precision output the microprocessor monitors the output voltage at the connector and even compensates for these small voltage losses (micro volts) thus ensuring the upmost accuracy. Having the microprocessor control and compensate the output signals lets the instrument achieve unheard of accuracy’s with the cost class of this instrument. The rugged keyboard and case keeps this easy to use portable instrument working far longer than most delicate lab grade signal generators.