MTI Instruments contracted an independent Metrology expert to test and verify the performance of a new high resolution capacitance gauge. The Accumeasure HD has passed in house testing where its performance was tested against a commercial laser interferometer (See Application Note). Optical Metrology Solutions (OMS) was chosen based on their extensive experience and proximity to MTI’s manufacturing plant.

OMS was tasked with designing a challenging experiment to verify the accuracy and resolution of the MTI Accumeasure HD capacitance system that could also be encountered in a typical customer application.  Their experiment explored the ability to measure sub-nonometer thermal expansion of a ceramic material, specifically a 6-millimeter thick optical mirror, across a range of temperatures.

The Accumeasure HD performed exceptionally well measuring sub-nanometer thermal expansion in a space typically dominated by more expensive and complex laser interferometers.  The full results of the experiment are available in the whitepaper summarizing the experiment below.

Click here to get your copy of “Measurements with Capacitance Gage for Sub-Nanometer Thermal Expansion Characterization”.