PBS eXpress for Business & Regional Jets

MTI PBS eXpress

Vibration Measurement & Engine Rotor Balancing

Built specifically for small-frame turbofan and turboprop engines used extensively in the regional jet, business jet, and general aviation markets using our industry-leading engine vibration and balancing technology DNA. The PBS eXpress provides fast vibration assessment, and rapid one-shot balancing if necessary. The Trim Balance Wizard makes it easy to setup and easy to use, guiding even 1st time users to success in as little as two engine runs.

The PBS eXpress is a vibration measurement and engine rotor balancing system that’s designed especially for the small-frame turbofan and turboprop engines that are used extensively in the regional jet, business jet, and general aviation markets. Lightweight, easy-to-setup, and ready-to-use, the PBS eXpress is built upon MTI’s proven PBS 4100+ technology, the most respected turbine engine vibration and balancing solution in the market today. Use it for rapid, one-shot balancing if an engine measures an exceedance.

The PBS eXpress is perfect for aviation maintenance repair and operations (MRO) organizations and operators who maintain and fly small to mid-sized corporate jets. Many of the features in this portable system are found in upmarket portable balancing products, but MTI’s solution is designed to meet the price point and service requirements of corporation aviation. Along with its simplicity, key features include a trim balance wizard and powerful visualization surveys.

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