Capacitance Gap Measurement Probe System

Wired Capacitance Probe Gap Measurement System

Bring capacitance accuracy, high-speed response, built in calibration and temperature stability to your manufacturing floor at a cost effective price point.

Suitable for industrial deployment, this pre-calibrated capacitive gap sensor system provides highly accurate measurements to a grounded metal target. Capable of taking continuous or manual samples with analog or digital output for analysis or machine control. The large sample rate allows for insight into probe measurements providing an actionable data advantage. Achieve richer geometrical measurements by networking multiple probes together.

The system can continuously sample automatically with a on power-cycle or in a command mode. A “start sample” command is sent to the selected sensor to begin receiving data at a selected rate. A manual sample sequence command can be executed at any point for single samples. Data can be collected digitally or via the 0-10V / 4-20mA outputs of the control box.

Control Box

Capacitance Gap Measurement Probe System Control Box


AP02 Capacitance Gap Measurement Probe System


Capacitance Gap Measurement Probe System Control Box

MTI capacitance measurement system is based on the principle of parallel plate capacitor measurement. The electrical capacitance formed between a capacitance probe and a target surface varies as a function of the distance (gap) between these two surfaces. Capacitance-based measurement probes have long been employed as a means of non-contact measurement of electrically conductive materials. In a typical system, MTII’s capacitance probe acts as one of the plates and the grounded target the other plate. MTI’s amplifier converts the gap’s capacitance into an output voltage proportional to the gap. Capacitive measurements are very stable rivaling interferometer accuracy. The Capacitance is not adversely affected by temperature, humidity and pressure.

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