Accumeasure HD

Accumeasure High Definition Digital

Picometer Resolution Capacitance Measurement System

The D200HD is a two-channel, picometer scale, capacitance based, displacement measurement instrument for conductive targets.

About Digital Accumeasure HD

The D200HD achieves very high resolution with the aid of external preamplifiers that are located close to the probes that eliminate parasitic capacitance effects which cause noise. Digital communication is provided via Ethernet or USB. The bandwidth and range extension of the probes are digitally programmable. Resolutions as low 20pm may be achieved with a 10um range probe.

MTI capacitance measurement system is based on the principle of parallel plate capacitor measurement. The electrical capacitance formed between a capacitance probe and a target surface varies as a function of the distance (gap) between these two surfaces. Capacitance-based measurement probes have long been employed as a means of non-contact measurement of electrically conductive materials. In a typical system, MTII’s capacitance probe acts as one of the plates and the grounded target the other plate. MTI’s amplifier converts the gap’s capacitance into an output voltage proportional to the gap. Capacitive measurements are very stable rivaling interferometer accuracy. The Capacitance is not adversely affected by temperature, humidity and pressure.

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P/N Image Model Product Description
8000-6925 power supply accessory Power Supply DIN mount (includes power cord and 24VDC harness)
8000-6887  ethernet cable Ethernet Cable RJ45 to RJ45, 2.1 meter (7ft)
8000-6929 USB interface cable USB Interface Cable Micro USB-Male to USB Micro USB-Male, 1 meter (3.1ft)
8000-6882  DIN rail section accessory DIN Rail Section 250mm (10inch) din rail for wall mounting power supply
8000-6889  T connector T-Connector Synchronization adapter to daisy chain multiple systems
8000-6888  sync cable Sync Cable Cable to sync multiple systems (SMA-M to SMA-M)
7500-6811  fixture 7500 6811 Fixture Non-conductIve Material Fixture