Manual Semiconductor Metrology System

Proforma 300i wafer thickness gauge, including for semiconductor wafers

Cost-effective alternative to full-automated wafer measurement and inspection systems

Product can provide measurement of thickness and bow of all wafer materials including Silicon, Gallium-Arsenide, Indium-Phosphide and sapphire or tape

About the Manual Semiconductor Metrology System

The Proforma 300i wafer thickness gauge is a capacitance based, differential measurement system that performs non-contact thickness measurements of semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers. By utilizing MTI Push/Pull technology, the Proforma 300i does not require the wafers to have a consistent electrical ground resulting in exceptional accuracy and repeatability for most wafer types. The Proforma 300i system includes full remote control operating software and Ethernet network interface capability.

*Gallium-Arsenide requires probe reconfiguration for semi-insulating materials over 10K-Ohm cm bulk resistance.

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P/N Image Model Product Description
8000-6563 base rings Base Rings 50.8mm (2″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
8000-6552 base rings Base Rings 76.2mm (3″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
8000-6548 base rings Base Rings 100mm (4″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
8000-6553 base rings Base Rings 125mm (5″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
8000-6564 base rings Base Rings 152.4mm (6″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
8000-6565 base rings Base Rings 203.25mm (8″) Base rings are required for BOW measurements
2000-2000 photo not available Calibration Standard Silicon (Si) wafer

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