Semiconductor/Solar Metrology Systems

Photovoltaic solar metrology system with push-pull probe

Photovoltaic/Solar Metrology System

A high-speed, multi-channel thickness, TTV and bow measurement module for in-process monitoring of solar/photovoltaic wafers and other materials.
Proforma 300i Manual Semiconductor Metrology System

Manual Semiconductor Metrology System

The Proforma 300i wafer thickness gauge is a capacitance-based, differential measurement system that performs non-contact thickness measurements of semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers.
Proforma 300iSA

Semi-automated Metrology System

The Proforma 300iSA is a benchtop/desktop, semi-automated wafer measurement system for semi-conducting and semi-insulating materials delivering full wafer surface scanning for thickness, thickness variation, bow, warp, sori, site and global flatness.

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