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MTI’s growing library of product training & demonstration videos and animations showcases the technology, science and use of our array of measurement and quality maintenance products and accessories including our instruments for non-contact measurement (capacitance sensors, laser systems and fiber optic sensors), semiconductor/metrology systems and turbine engine/rotating machine measurement and balancing. MTI’s product experts walk you through setup, execution and analysis of results to set you up for success leveraging these products in your environment. Don’t see a video you are looking for? Drop us a note. You can also check out our full collection of videos on YouTube here.

MTI Instrument’s PBS ROI Calculator: See How Much Money You Can Save

Ensuring the proper operation of your aircraft engine is essential to complying with manufacturers guidelines for the safety and longevity of the aircraft. Ensuring [...]

Introduction to the PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System and its Setup in our Lab

MTI Instruments own product expert Dylan walks through the typical setup of the PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System in our test lab.  He describes [...]

Demo of Step Height Thickness of Non- Woven Conductive Films

This video animation describes a system setup used to measure the thickness of thin conductive films such as electric vehicle (EV) battery electrodes. Typically, [...]

Aircraft Engine Vibration Basics

The basics of aircraft engine vibration are detailed in this video.  The science behind causes and measurement of vibrations are discussed along with the [...]

Workflow for Engine Vibration Analysis and Balancing

This video walks walks through MTI Instruments' preferred workflow for engine vibration analysis and balancing with our Turbine Engine / Rotating Machine Measurement and [...]

Simulate, Calibrate and Verify Field Sensor Transmission with Portable Signal Generator

MTI Instruments' 1510A Portable Signal Generator is used to validate field equipment and test instruments to ensure the use of that equipment is properly [...]

Introduction to the 1510A Portal Signal Generator

Learn about MTI Instruments' 1510A Portable Signal Generator.  This piece of equipment is vital to any organization working with sensitive electronic testing and diagnostic [...]

Using the 1510A Portable Signal Generator with the PBS-4100+

Keeping rotating machinery properly balanced is vital to the longevity of components and nearby equipment, safety, the efficiency of your equipment. MTI's team discusses [...]

Configure and Connect a Digital Panel Meter to the MTI Instruments MicroTrak 3 Laser

Watch this MicroTrak 3 demonstration video to learn how to configure and connect digital panel displays to analog measurement devices. Video Summary [...]

Digital Accumeasure D400 Vibration Measurement Video

Watch MTI’s Digital Accumeasure D400 Vibration Measurement Video to learn how to use this capacitance-based non-contact measurement system to make precise vibration measurements. [...]

ProTrak 2D Laser Profiling Demonstration Video

Watch this ProTrack 2D Laser Profiling Demonstration Video to learn how to measure the height of objects with accuracy and precision. Video [...]

MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor Setup and Calibration Video

Watch this MTI 2100 Fotonic Sensor Setup and Calibration video to see how to configure and calibrate equipment for making a high-voltage piezo-electric measurement. [...]