Special Year-End Offer on the 1510A: The Perfect Companion to Your PBS-4100

Take advantage of either of these one-time offers for the 1510A before the end of the 2019 year

The portable 1510A Signal Generator was designed to be the perfect companion for the PBS-4100 engine vibration balancing system.  With our special pricing, you can purchase more of this essential tool at a discounted rate or receive cost savings for next year.

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1510A Signal Generator Product Kit

Why Is the 1510A the Perfect Companion for PBS-4100?

Keep Your PBS-4100 at Peak Performance

The 1510A is uniquely designed to simulate all of the common types of vibration and speed sensors. The dual outputs of the 1510A can simulate a speed sensor, a vibration sensor, and the phase simultaneously. The 1510A output range is 0-100kHz, allowing it to simulate speed signals for large and small turbofan engines, APUs, turbochargers, pumps, compressors, and other rotating machinery. The 1510A can even simulate odd-tooth type tachometer signals that are commonly found in gas turbine engines and charge-mode sensors such as piezoelectric accelerometers.

Keeping the PBS-4100R+ or the PBS-4100+ properly balanced is important for the longevity of components and nearby equipment, safety, decreased noise, and reduced energy consumption. The dual-outputs of the 1510A combined with the precise phase control between the outputs make the 1510A a complete signal generation solution, often replacing two instruments or a much larger bench-top device.

The portability of the 1510A makes it possible to calibrate balancing equipment anywhere: power plant, flight-line, test cell, manufacturing facility, mine, or medical lab. In-situ calibrations can save vast amounts of money because equipment down time is greatly reduced.

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