PA920 Ultra-High Accuracy (0.024%) Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzers

The Ultra High Accuracy Vitrek PA PA920 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer is the newest additions to Vitrek’s family of Power Analyzer products.

The nPA920 is the most powerful, accurate and flexible power analyzer available on the market today available with 0.024% power accuracy. These new products provider faster sampling rates, bandwidth performance and greater harmonic frequency, yet still easy-to-use and affordable.

The PA920 power analyzers offer expanded power analysis options. The PA920 offers ultra high 0.024% power accuracy for all channels and improved voltage and current self-heating adders over those of other power analyzers. In addition, the PA920 provides easy channel selection for the user while offering 100 full precision readings per second and measurement bandwidths sufficient to handle 5 MHz waveforms.

When You Need Maximum Performance & Accuracy Choose Vitrek’s PA920 Series Power Analyzers!

• Ultra High Power Accuracy of 0.024% For All Channels
• Improved Voltage and Current Self-Heating Adders
• Faster Sampling Rates & Bandwidth Performance
• Greater Harmonic Frequencies

Take a closer look at the features of our PA920 Series Power Analyzers below!

Features of Our PA920 Series Power Analyzer

Ultra High Accuracy

With an ultra-high accuracy of 0.024% across all channels, the PA920 Series distinguishes itself among the most accurate power analyzers available. This level of precision ensures reliable and dependable results, providing users with the confidence they need in their measurements.

Faster Sampling Rates & Bandwidth Performance

The PA920 outperforms many other power analyzers with its rapid sampling rates and enhanced bandwidth performance. These capabilities allow for more detailed and precise measurements, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of power conditions.

Greater Harmonic Frequencies

Handling up to 500 harmonics at aviation power frequencies, the PA920 Series can tackle greater harmonic frequencies than many other power analyzers. This makes them versatile and adaptable to a variety of applications, including those that require handling high harmonic frequencies.

Modular Design

The PA920 is designed with modularity in mind, ensuring maximum flexibility. Users can choose from pre-configured models or customize their power analyzer to meet specific needs.

Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Interface

An intuitive, full-color touchscreen interface enhances the user experience of the PA920. This interface facilitates easy setup of configurations, customization of screens, and access to interface commands, making it user-friendly and straightforward to operate.

Expanded Power Analysis Options

With improved voltage and current self-heating adders and easy channel selection, the PA920 offers expanded power analysis options. These features provide users with a broader range of capabilities to suit their power analysis requirements.

Maximum Performance in a Variety of Applications

Whether it’s LED and HID lighting, solar panel energy output, or efficiency testing on inverters and PWM motor drive systems, the PA920 delivers maximum performance. Its wide range of application compatibility makes it a versatile tool in power analysis.

Custom Data Screens

The PA920 allows users to create custom data screens using a spreadsheet application and download them via interface or USB drive. This feature adds a level of customization that enhances the flexibility and usability of these power analyzers.

Scope View

The PA920’s scope view feature functions similarly to a digital scope, enabling waveform acquisition and analysis. This feature provides a detailed perspective of power conditions, aiding in thorough analysis.

Cycle View

The cycle view feature represents a single cycle of the voltage and current periodic waveforms. This allows users to zoom in on specific details and conduct a more detailed analysis.

Polar Chart

The PA920’s polar chart display graphically shows the fundamental voltage and current vectors for the selected channel or Virtual Power Analyzer (VPA). This visual representation aids in a better understanding of power conditions.

Why Incorporate a Power Analyzer into Your Operations?

Power analyzers are crucial tools in multiple industries, providing valuable insights into the performance, efficiency, and safety of electrical systems. They measure a wide range of parameters — including voltage, current, power, energy, and power factor — with high precision. This data is critical for understanding how electrical equipment is operating, identifying potential issues, and implementing measures that help improve overall system performance.

Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Power analyzers offer superior accuracy compared to other measurement devices. With precision measurements, businesses can trust the data they receive, leading to better decision-making and improved system performance.
  • Energy Efficiency: By measuring power consumption accurately, power analyzers help identify areas where energy use can be reduced. This leads to cost savings and contributes to the sustainability efforts of organizations by reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Equipment Optimization: Power analyzers can help optimize the performance of electrical equipment. By identifying issues such as power factor problems or harmonic distortions, necessary adjustments can be made to improve equipment efficiency and lifespan.
  • Safety Assurance: By detecting electrical issues early, power analyzers can help prevent system failures that could potentially lead to safety hazards. This proactive approach to maintenance can protect employees, customers, and assets.

Utilize Our PA920 Series Power Analyzer in Your Industry

Vitrek is committed to sustaining organizations large and small with powerful tools and technologies designed for success. Our PA920 Series Power Analyzer is perfect and adaptable to numerous industries, from manufacturing to energy and electronics.

Our power analyzer can monitor and control power quality, ensuring machinery operates efficiently and reliably. It can also help detect and prevent costly downtime caused by power-related issues. Our tools are also to measure the efficiency of power generation and distribution systems. It can help optimize the performance of renewable energy systems such as solar panels and wind turbines. Power analyzers are also used to test and validate the performance of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Turn to Vitrek for Quality Power Analyzers Today

Contact Vitrek to get your hands on the PA920 Ultra High Accuracy Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer. This innovative product offers superior accuracy, performance, and flexibility for all your needs. Trust Vitrek today. Explore additional solutions such as our PA910 High Accuracy Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer and our PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer.

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