PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

Introducing the Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer, a refreshingly easy-to-use high performance power analyzer that won’t break your budget. The PA900 delivers multi-channel, high-accuracy, wideband performance – to tackle the toughest energy measurement applications. Trust Vitrek to deliver world class power measurement capability at a price that is surprisingly affordable.

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Highlighting the Biggest Features of Our PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

Unmatched Precision and Bandwidth

The Vitrek PA900 Precision Harmonic Power Analyzer sets the bar high with its world-class precision and bandwidth. The device boasts an industry-leading low noise floor, as low as 1ppm. This low-noise floor enables highly accurate measurements even in noisy environments. Furthermore, with the ability to handle waveforms up to 5MHz, the PA900 offers a wide range of capabilities to cover a broad spectrum of power analysis needs.

Customizable Modular Design

The PA900 stands out with its modular design, which offers users the flexibility to choose up to four Power Measurement Channel Cards. These cards come in three different types: S type, A type, and W type. Each type caters to specific measurement needs by offering varying levels of accuracy and bandwidth. This modular design allows for customization according to individual requirements, making the PA900 a versatile tool for diverse applications.

High-Resolution Display for Easy Data Access

The PA900 features a large, high-resolution color touchscreen display. This display presents all the necessary data in a clear, easy-to-read manner. The touchscreen interface enhances the user experience by allowing quick and easy navigation through different screens and instant access to desired information.

Convenient Data Logging

With its built-in data logger, the PA900 provides a convenient solution for logging and storing data. Users can log up to 16 selectable data results to a USB thumb drive or internal data storage. The device offers logging intervals ranging from 10ms to 100 hours and includes optional time/date stamps for easy data analysis and record keeping.

Detailed Power Data Screen

The Power Data Screen on the PA900 displays comprehensive power data, including voltage, current, power, apparent power, reactive power, and power factor data for any selected channel or group of channels. This extensive information is crucial for thorough power analysis and monitoring.

Scope View for Event Capture

The PA900’s Scope View function emulates a digital scope, enabling users to capture transient events such as in-rush current. With selectable time base and triggering options, this feature offers a versatile tool for waveform analysis.

In-Depth Cycle View

The Cycle View feature provides a detailed view of the voltage and current periodic waveforms sampled over many cycles within a measurement period. This granular view reveals waveform characteristics, aiding in the analysis of power quality.

Visual Vector Screen

The Vector Screen displays up to 10 fundamental voltage and current vectors, offering a visual representation of the phase relationship between different channels. This feature assists users in understanding the power flow and phase angles in a multi-channel system.

Continuous History Screen

The History Screen functions like a DVR, automatically maintaining a continuous historical recording of measurement data. Users can pause, clear, and restart the recording and view or download any data from the record for further analysis.

Standby Power Screen for Compliance Testing

The Standby Power Screen enables users to test standby power in accordance with EN50564:2011. This feature provides an easy-to-set-up application for measuring and analyzing standby power consumption.

Virtual Power Analyzers for Efficiency Measurements

The PA900 supports up to three different Virtual Power Analyzers (VPAs), which can be configured for three-phase measurements or input/output efficiency tests. The VPAs provide synchronous or non-synchronous group power measurements without interconnecting separate units.

Connectivity Options and Multi-Unit Connection

The PA900 offers several connectivity options, including Ethernet, High-Speed Serial, and USB control interfaces. It also supports an optional multi-unit connection, allowing for the combination of multiple PA900 units for measurements with up to thousands of channels.

Additional Features

In addition to these impressive features, the PA900 comes with other functionalities such as a selectable time base and triggering, measurement resolution of up to 24 bits, and an optional MT-type Channel Card for motor torque and speed inputs. The device is CE mark certified to EN61010 and comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

Why Incorporate a Power Analyzer Into Your Organization

A quality power analyzer is an important tool for numerous industries due to its ability to measure and analyze electrical power parameters with precision. These parameters include voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics, and other electrical characteristics. By providing accurate and comprehensive data, a power analyzer enables businesses to deliver on their goals for efficiency, safety, and reliability.

In the energy industry, for instance, power analyzers are critical for optimizing power generation and distribution. They help identify inefficiencies, losses, and power quality issues that could affect the performance of power plants and grids. They are used to test and validate the performance of electrical devices and appliances under various operating conditions. This ensures that the products meet the required standards and specifications related to power consumption, energy efficiency, and electromagnetic compatibility.

Working in the automotive industry? Power analyzers are used to evaluate the performance and efficiency of electric and hybrid vehicles and can help measure the power consumption of different components, such as motors and batteries. Adding Vitrek’s power analyzers to your inventory unlocks immense potential and streamlines operations, aligning your business with growth goals like never before.

Lead the Way With Vitrek’s PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer

The PA900 Precision Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Vitrek is committed to providing you with the best solutions for all your power analysis needs. No matter the industry, you can rely on our power analyzers and tools to support you every step of the way. Explore the world of possibilities with Vitrek today. Upgrade with the PA900 or additional products like our PA910 High Accuracy Multi-Channel Harmonic Power Analyzer or the powerful PA920 Power Analyzer.