mro americas 2019MTI Instruments, a U.S.-based manufacturer of engine vibration analysis and balancing systems, will exhibit at MRO Americas 2019 from April 9 to 11 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Visit MTI Instruments in Booth #2301 at MRO Americas, the premiere event for the commercial air-transport maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry, to see its PBS-4100 line of vibration and balancing systems. MTI instruments will also give away a 1501A precision signal/function generator.

Aircraft engine vibrations caused by out-of-balance parts can lead to cracked fan, turbine, and compressor components. Imbalance-induced vibrations can also cause metal fatigue and, if left unchecked, engine failure. Pinpointing the source of vibrations can be challenging and the structural characteristics of an aircraft can compound the problem. As visitors to Booth #2301 at MRO Americas 2019 will learn, MTI’s PBS-4100 diagnostic equipment addresses this aviation safety and maintenance challenge.

PBS-4100 Diagnostic Equipment

PBS-4100+ is a portable vibration and balancing system that correlates vibration magnitude to the specific parts of an engine. This non-contact measurement equipment uses a series of on-board digitizers, advanced logic, and a tracking filter to find the vibration’s source so that aircraft maintenance crews can take corrective action. Built-in diagnostics and traceability reporting help to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate downtime.

PBS-4100R+, another member of the PBS-4100 product family, is a test cell vibration and balancing system that collects vibration survey data from a wide range of sensors over extended periods of time for endurance and performance testing. Using a digital signal processor, the PBS-4100R+ constantly acquires vibration and speed data from all enabled channels. This metrology system sets a new standard in gas turbine engine testing.

1501A Signal Generator Giveaway at MRO Americas 2019

At MRO Americas, MTI Instruments will also give away a 1501A signal generator. This portable test equipment produces accurate and precise voltage, charge, and speed signals that are essential for system troubleshooting, testing, and calibration. MTI’s 1510A signal generator is an ideal diagnostic tools for monitoring equipment, instrumentation, and cabling and wiring. For more information about MTI Instruments at MRO Americas 2019, contact us.

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