Microtrak 4MTI’s Microtrak™ 4 is a high-speed digital laser sensor that’s easy to setup, convenient to use, and dependably accurate. Use this compact, non-contact metrology system for measuring height, flatness, thickness, alignment, vibration, and more. Made in the USA by MTI Instruments, the Microtrak™ 4 is ready to use right out-of-the-box and provides fast, reliable, repeatable measurements for targets with very dark or very shiny surfaces. Applications include machine maintenance and turbine engine balancing.

The Microtrak™ 4 doesn’t require an external controller or a separate power supply. Instead, this 1D laser displacement sensor runs right on your computer, includes a software development kit, and features plug-and-play USB. An integral five-color position indicator makes it easy to determine the laser mounting location and initial gap setup. With a sensor frame rate of 40k samples/sec. and linearity of 0.03% FSO (Full Scale Output), accuracy and repeatability are assured.

In a recent App Note, MTI Instruments explains how to use the Microtrak™ over a LAN (Local Area Network) or CAT 5e/6/7 wiring to convert USB communications to Ethernet signaling. MTI describes the additional hardware that’s needed, too.

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