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Providing precise, high-resolution gap, thickness, distance and displacement laser measurement solutions for the semiconductor, automotive, aviation, electronics, and medical industries, our products are relied on globally, in a wide range of environmental conditions and configurations.  

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MTI Instrument's laser measurement product line offers affordable, precise measurement solutions for a wide range of environmental conditions and configurations.
Laser displacement measurement sensors that require fitting into tight spaces, include These 2D/3D sensors provide accurate profiling, height, width and positioning measurement using the latest CMOS technology. These systems are similar to the Riftek RF603 laser scanner and the Acuity AR100, AR500 laser distance sensors.
1D Laser Systems

MTI Instruments offers high speed, high resolution and highly accurate 1D laser sensors (non-contact linear position sensor) for measuring displacement and position.

Microtrak 3 Laser Displacement Sensor

MicroTrak 3

High resolution, high speed laser displacement sensor. The Microtrak™ 3 is an essential measurement tool for process automation, quality control and tool automation control, for applications such as, thickness measurement, dimensional displacement, part profiling, vibrations testing, build-up measurement, and much more.

Microtrak 4

MicroTrak 4

The Microtrak™ 4 is the ultimate laser displacement sensor for measuring height, thickness, displacement, vibration, and more, with a sensor frame rate of 40k Samples/sec. and linearity of 0.03% FSO (Full Scale Output) accuracy and repeatability are assured

08 - 280-2702

Thickness Gauge System

Non-contact laser thickness gauge with digital thickness computation. Used for automated metal, fiberboard and cement board sheet production and QA/QC combines our proven non-contact laser triangulation sensors with a modular controller that can operate either as a standalone solution for displacement measurement or with a PLC/PC.

2D & 3D Laser Systems

When it comes to laser measurements such as metal or plastic welding, 3D material inspection, component alignment, tire depth, angle measurements and more, MTI laser scanner heads can be easily integrated with PLC through HMI in quality control environment.

ProTrak G: 2D/3D Laser

ProTrak 2D/3D Laser

The ProfileTrak G series are compact profiling sensors that fit in tight spaces. These 2D/3D sensors provide accurate profiling, height, width and positioning measurement using the latest CMOS technology with fast measuring rate of up to 4,000 Hz.

ProTrak HD: 2D/3D Laser

Accurate Long Range Non-contact Laser Sensor for 2D and 3D profiling

The ProTrak HD long range profiling laser displacement sensor is built to satisfy the most demanding automated dimension, angle, curvature and height in the industrial application.

About MTI Instruments: Made in America

MTI Instruments is a US-based manufacturer of precision tools, systems and solutions for clients requiring the precise measurement and control of products and processes, and for the development and implementation of automated manufacturing, assembly, and complex machinery operation.

Our product solutions are used in:

  • Engine vibration analysis systems for military and commercial aircraft applications
  • Industrial manufacturing/production markets
  • Research, design and process development