Industry 4.0 means that manufacturers need to test and validate more sensors. MTI Instruments 1510A portable signal generator can help.

Industry 4.0 is spurring a dramatic increase in the number of sensors that manufacturers need to install, test, validate, and maintain. Although these industrial sensors are packaged to withstand harsh environments, they’re still susceptible to performance-related problems. Whether it’s to support predictive maintenance, asset monitoring, or process automation, proper testing and validation is required to keep systems running smoothly. Otherwise, the data that sensors collect won’t enable the operators of smart factories to make the right decisions.

Smart factories can install intelligent sensors that self-test and self-validate, but machine monitoring systems still require calibration. Manufacturers also want flexible, efficient instruments for simulation and troubleshooting. From miniaturized sensors with multiple digital output signals to wireless sensor technologies, accuracy and ease-of-use are important. By supporting testing and validation for Industry 4.0, the right solution can help keep production running.

Calibration, Simulation, and Troubleshooting

MTI Instruments’ 1510A portable signal generator can be used to simulate, calibrate, and test signals for cables, wires, machinery, and sensors. For example, the device’s low-voltage bridge sensor simulation can easily handle microvolts with its 24-bit closed loop. The 1510A can also be used to calibrate monitoring systems, charge amplifiers, and rotating equipment. Additional applications include troubleshooting wires and cables and simulating audio signals, vibration signals, and machinery speed signals.

A two-channel, battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled instrument, the 1510A is a direct signal generator that’s designed for deployment in the field. It can produce sine, square, triangle, and pulse waveforms from 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz in 0.1 Hz increments. The jog function lets technicians slowly vary the signal frequency to determine the filter response or vary the signal amplitude in increments to determine system gain. Voltage and charge signals with accuracies to 0.05% are readily achievable.

Industry 4.0 Testing and Validation

Testing and validation is essential to your Industry 4.0 implementation. To learn more about MTI Instruments 1510A portable signal generator, visit this page and download the brochure.