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Increase your SiC wafer production yield

Get SiC smart, uncover defects early

Demand for SiC wafers is growing rapidly and production needs to keep up.   Speeding up production can result in higher defect rates without the proper inspection equipment in place during the R&D process, where poor verification of your process tools can dramatically reduce yield.

MTI Instruments 300iSA system can help measure TTV, flatness, bow and warp of up to 20 wafers per hour. Our solution helps you perform wafer inspection verifications at scale and increases the throughput of your production yield as the demand grows for 100-200mm diameter wafers.

Finding defects at volume can be difficult, but MTI’s superior capacitance-based solution gives you significant advantages over the standard confocal systems.

MTI Instruments Metrology Proforma System 300iSA

Features include:

  • Exclusive MTI capacitance sensors for outstanding accuracy and repeatability
  • Full 1000 µm thickness measurement range without re-calibration
  • Measures Thickness, TTV, Bow, Warp, Site and Global Flatness
  • ASTM Standard measurements
  • SEMI S2-0200 health and safety compliant design
  • SEMI S8-0999 ergonomic compliant design
  • Measures all materials including Si, GaAs, Ge, InP, SiC ***

*** provided bulk resistivity is less than 20K Ohm/cm

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