backup - fotonic-sensorThe MTI-2100 Fotonic™ sensor uses advanced fiber optics and electronics to precisely measure position, displacement, and vibration. This high-resolution, non-contact metrology system supports a wide range of interchangeable fiber-optic probes and works with almost any surface, including metallic, composite, plastic, glass, ceramic, or liquid. Made in the USA by MTI Instruments, the MTI-2100 Fotonic™ features a modular design and supports application-specific requirements in R&D, quality, and process control.

With its dual channel capabilities, the MTI-2100 Fotonic™ sensor allows users to make simultaneous measurements, such as for structure dynamics and modal analysis. All probe modules have two distinct operating ranges for high resolution and greater measurement. Importantly, this American-made Fotonic™ sensor sets the standard for performance with resolution as low as 0.01 µin. (2.5 angstroms) and frequency response from direct couple (dc) to 500 kHz.

In a recent App Note, MTI Instruments explains how the Fotonic™ sensor works and the different types of fiber optic probes that are available. MTI’s discussion of displacement measurement by fiber optics also considers surface reflectivity and pressure.

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