Establishing and maintaining product quality throughout the production process is a common challenge of all manufacturers.  How does an organization ensure the optimal output from their production lines, especially in real time?  Key to this is strong non-destructive measurement practices that can take place at various points along the production process.

The case study below is an example of how this was done at Saint-Gobain to measure the thickness and density of foam materials.  They engaged with MTI’s team of experts as their current direction was proving cost-prohibitive.  Saint-Gobain’s R&D organization, led by Dr. Mickael Boinet, found a solution to their need for non-destructive testing using MTI Instruments’ Accumeasure series capacitance sensors through collaboration with our engineers.  The solution proved effective and factory-ready.  Read the case study for more details.

Saint-Gobain Accumeasure Series Capacitance Sensor Case Study

Typical use cases for the Accumeasure product line includes measurement of:

  • EV battery plate thickness
  • Non-woven conductive material thickness
  • Conductive film thickness
  • Roll to roll conductive material thickness
  • Conductive flexible web thickness
  • Continuous sheet conductive material thickness
  • Step height film thickness
  • Step height conductive film thickness
  • EV anode plate thickness
  • EV cathode plate thickness

Also see this animation showing a setup of the Accumeasure Series used on a roller system measuring thin films in a production environment.