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Wireless Capacitance Probe for measurment

Accumeasure Wireless Gap Measurement Probe System

Made in the USA

Many systems require optimal alignment to work at peak efficiency. The challenge has always been trying to measure gaps in hard to reach places, hazardous environments, and against materials or surfaces that are not ideally suited for eddy current probes.

Another issue has been that deploying many of these sensors has traditionally been cost-prohibitive at scale. The solution is a sub-micron displacement measurement probe that has all the features necessary to offer precise measurement in difficult to access locations.

Find out how MTI Instrument’s brand new Accumeasure wireless capacitance probe system can solve all these problems with these great benefits.

Blue Tooth


Proven to work in noisy industrial environments and is immune to jamming by other wireless devices.

Capacitance Based Technology


Unlike eddy current, capacitance is insensitive to target material, self-contained absolute calibration

PLC Interface


Easy to hook up to a PLC without any custom coding

Networking Capable


Up to 4 sensors can be networked together per receiver, for rich geometrical measurement

Request Evaluation Kit

If you have an OEM opportunity of more than 100 probes and would like to test the technology contact MTI for details on our evaluation kit. The kit includes the wireless probe, battery, receiver, usb cable, documentation, thumb drive, and battery.  The kit must be returned within 60 days and is refundable upon purchase.  Please complete the following to have an MTI representative contact you to process your request.

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