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Digital Accumeasure Setup Video

Watch the Digital Accumeasure Setup Video. This instrument converts a capacitive electric field measurement directly into a 24-bit digital reading. Video Summary [...]

EV Batteries Need Thickness Gauging for Lower Costs and Higher Performance

EV batteries need to cost less and last longer. Until the e-mobility industry solves these challenges, electric vehicle (EV) adoption won’t match the hype [...]

Transducer Selection for High Resolution without Costly Interferometers

High resolution applications do not always require an interferometer. If you want to make accurate measurements in the micron to picometer range, then an MTI [...]

High Resolution Semiconductor Wafer Measurements at Lower Costs

MTI's Proforma technology characterizes semiconductor wafers in terms of bow and warp, thickness, total thickness variation (TTV) and center thickness. Until recently, [...]

Measure Wafer Bow, Warp and TTV with Capacitance

The flatness of silicon wafers used to manufacture integrated circuits is controlled to tight tolerances to help ensure that the whole wafer is sufficiently flat [...]

How to Measure Dielectric Separator Thickness in EV Batteries

The International Energy Agency predicts that as many as 125 million electric vehicles (EVs) will be on the road by 2030. At the heart of [...]

Capacitance Sensing for Non-Contact Thickness Measurements of Insulating Materials

Capacitance sensing can be used to make non-contact thickness measurements for most insulating materials. Capacitance sensors are known for their ability to precisely measure [...]

Capacitance Sensing Provides Two Ways to Measure EV Battery Plate Thickness

MTI Instruments has released an application note that explains how to use capacitance to measure the thickness of the lithium battery plates in electric [...]

Update to MTI Instruments’ response to COVID-19

Hi All, As many of you are aware, the Governor of New York recently ordered that all non-essential businesses in New York State close [...]

MTI Instruments’ Response to COVID-19

From MTI President & CEO - Rick Jones At MTI Instruments, we continue to monitor the global COVID-19 pandemic and we are doing everything [...]

How Aviation MROs Can Maximize Labor Efficiency and Asset Uptime

MTI Instruments is supplying the aviation industry with solutions to the skilled labor shortage and reduced equipment availability. No, our Albany, New York company [...]

Microsoft Windows 7 Security Advisory and Impact on MTI PBS-4100+ Users

Learn about this important security advisory and its impact on MTI-PBS-4100+ users. What is the Microsoft Windows 7 Security Advisory? Microsoft will no longer [...]

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