Vibration and Balancing Systems

Rotating Engine and Vibration Balancing Systems

Looking for balancing systems? Commercial aviation companies and the U.S. military rely on MTI Instruments’ vibration analysis and engine trim balance solutions to identify any jet engine problems quickly, saving the time and cost of engine repair and maintenance.

PBS eXpress Business Jet Vibration and balancing

PBS eXpress

The PBS eXpress is a vibration measurement and engine rotor balancing system that’s designed especially for the small-frame turbofan and turboprop engines that are used extensively in the regional jet, business jet, and general aviation markets. Lightweight, easy-to-setup, and easy-to-use.
PBS-4100+ Gen4

PBS-4100+ Gen4 Portable Vibration and Balancing System

The 4th generation of the PBS-4100+ sets the standard in turbine engine vibration analysis and balancing. Using the latest technology, the 4th generation PBS-4100+ continues to build on the field proven 35-year legacy of the industry’s leading vibration analysis and balancing tool.
Portable Balancing System | PBS 4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System

PBS-4100+ Portable Vibration and Balancing System

This portable vibration analysis and engine trim balance system for commercial and military aviation is designed to swiftly pinpoint engine problems and eliminate avoidable engine removals. Rapid configuration and intuitive user interface make this system straightforward and uncomplicated to use.
Test Cell Balancing System | PBS 4100R+ Vibration and Balancing System

PBS-4100R+ Test Cell Vibration and Balancing System

A test cell vibration analysis and engine trim balance system for commercial and military aviation gas turbine engines. The PBS-4100R+ rack-mountable vibration and monitoring system is designed to quickly isolate engine problems and locate troubles.
End of Life/Support

End of Life/Support

Starting on August 1st, 2021, we will no longer be able to offer calibration and repair services on PBS-4100 and PBS-4100R built on/before 2012. If you have one of these products as detailed on the following page, you may be eligible for exchange credits for older systems.
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