The aviation industry spends significant amounts of time and money on problems caused by engine vibration. Imbalance, the most common cause of engine vibration, happens because of bird strikes and other impacts, but also because of natural wear and corrosion that redistribute mass. In turn, out-of-balance parts can result in cabin noise, metal fatigue, and cracked turbine, fan, or compressor components. In the most extreme cases, catastrophic engine failure may result

MTI Instruments, a worldwide supplier of precision measurement solutions, makes equipment for monitoring vibration levels and balancing rotors. For maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) crews who want to quickly identify engine problems and eliminate avoidable engine removals, MTI provides three specialized solutions: a test cell turbine vibration analyzer/balancing system, a portable vibration analysis and engine trim balance instrument, and proprietary signal conditioning for all engine types.

In a white paper by Isaac Abbot, MTI’s lead engineer, the Albany, New York (USA) company describes each of these solutions in detail so that aviation MROs can make the right choice.

Click here to get your copy of “Three Vibration/Balancing Solutions for the Aviation Industry”.

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