Torque Converter


Since minute defects in the torque converter casing wall thickness can result in unacceptable and dangerous torque converter expansion, a precision measurement system was needed to measure the impeller hub displacement and thus the torque converter axial displacement. An AC dynamometer would be required to spin the torque converter at a high rate of speed while a fast response hydraulic system is needed to pressurize the converter to pressures up to 150 psi. MTI’s MicroTrak laser sensor was selected because it offered a fast 40kHz response time, a small visible laser spot for easy setup, and high accuracy. It also proved itself more than rugged enough to operate continuously and reliably in a hostile environment. Since the translation pin rotates at 7000 rpm, the fast response time of the Microtrak laser enabled real time data capture.

The Microtrak’s immunity to surface reflectivity changes on the surface of the pin ensured consistent and accurate growth data. This resulted in a greater number of product samples of torque converters being able to be sampled at much higher speeds and with faster throughput. The Microtrak laser sensor provided the customer accurate, repeatable and traceable results consistently.