Spindle Run Out


Rotating targets frequently have an intermittent, uncertain or nonexistent ground path. This introduces unwanted noise, instability, drift and reduces accuracy of the measurement. MTI Instruments offers a unique “Push-Pull” capacitance measurement system that does not require a grounded target. It utilizes two probes, built into one body, that work together to complete the ground path. One probe pushes current into the brake rotor while the adjacent probe pulls the current out. The result is a “clean”, consistent electrical sensing path. As the rotor was rotated, the output of each probe was captured on a PC that directly connects to the digital amplifier. The results may also be directly observed in real-time or logged in a data file. Clearly the Push-Pull technology provides a much cleaner output signal.

spindle run-out measurement

The resolution obtained was better than 0.5 microns at a measurement range of 1.5 mm. MTII also manufactures high precision laser and fiber-optic systems with resolution to 0.04 micro-inch (1nm) and frequency response to 500 kHz. Contact MTI’s experienced Application Engineers for solutions to your difficult measurement needs.