Fill Height Of Construction Blocks


When you construct a concrete block wall, the dimensions of the concrete block help ensure the structural integrity of the structure. Since the block is formed in a mold, the width and length are consistent; the height of the block is the variable. The amount of concrete dispensed in the mold, the pressure applied after filling the mold, and even sweeping the block after it is filled can all affect the overall height.

The Problem:
Many concrete block manufacturers are looking to control product tolerances including height and edge deformation. Height deviation can lead to structural problems and difficulty in holding the line while edge deformation requires additional labor to either rotate the block or replace it. Either problem can drive up cost and result in excess scrap.

The Solution:
The Microtrak™ 3¬†LTS-120-20¬†laser sensors were selected to provide the measurements because of their large standoff distance, low cost, flexible signal output capability, ease of use and their ability to accurately detect virtually any surface produced. The construction block manufacturer incorporated the high precision, non-contact Microtrak™ sensors into their in-line dimensional inspection system to provide reliable and ‚Äúreal time‚Äù height measurements.

Laser measuring hollow blocks

The Results:
Having the ability to analyze the production as it occurs and respond to deviations before they become problematic is essential in this day and age. Let our Applications Engineers help you lay out a course of success.