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Providing precise, high-resolution gap, thickness, distance and displacement measurement solutions for the semiconductor, automotive, aviation, electronics, and medical industries, our products are relied on globally, in a wide range of environmental conditions and configurations.  

Accumeasure Solutions
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The Accumeasure product line offers affordable, precise measurement solutions for a wide range of environmental conditions and configurations.

The Accumeasure product line features capacitive sensor products for high resolution gap and displacement measurements that require a high level of accuracy that is both stable and repeatable. A capacitive sensing system consists of a probe and amplifier. Capacitive measurements can be performed in a multitude of environments using non-contact passive capacitance probes that are not affected by magnet fields, temperature, humidity, nuclear radiation, and pressure. This is largely due to the nature of the rugged and passive capacitance probes.

Extremely high-precision and high linearity amplifiers make these systems ideal for critical measurements in X-Y stages, rotating spindles, shaft position, armature gap, disk position, and piezo electric positioning applications. MTI engineering guarantees a highly stable, accurate and low noise amplifier design with an attention to fast response time.

In Process or Desktop Solutions

A system consists of a capacitance amplifier packaged in an enclosure ideal for lab or in-process systems and a capacitance probe or probes as several of MTI’s solutions incorporate multiple channels.

Accumeasure High Definition Digital

Picometer Resolution Capacitance Measurement System.

The D200HD is a two-channel, picometer scale, capacitance based, displacement measurement instrument for conductive targets.

MTI Accumeasure solutions

Multi-channel capacitance system designed for displacement, position and gap measurement.

Compact by design, the Accumeasure TM 500 capacitive sensing sensor is ideal for in vehicle testing of brake rotors, axle runout, or thermal expansion testing using the DC model. Multiple racks may be synchronized together for multichannel operation on a common surface to avoid inter-channel interference.

Accumeasure D400

Nanometer accuracy, high precision capacitance measurement sensor offering nanometer accuracy and stability.

The Accumeasure D capacitance displacement sensor series amplifier is a revolutionary design that uses the latest technology to convert a highly reliable capacitive electric field measurement (displacement) directly into a highly precise 24 bit digital reading to accurately measure position, thickness, motion and vibration.

MTI Accumeasure solutions

Ultra-high Precision Capacitive gap or displacement measurement gauge offering nanometer accuracy and stability.

Accumeasure System 9000 is a high-resolution, capacitance-based instrument that provides the perfect solution to many previously unattainable measurement applications. The AS-9000 delivers nanometer level resolution for ultra-high-precision measurements each and every time. Lightweight. Compact. Fast and Easy Setup.

PCB OEM Boards for Embedded Applications

A system consists of a printed circuit board (PCB) capacitance amplifier, probe and coax cable. The customer provides the enclosure and power supply. MTI provides the connector interface. Probes require a MCX connector or BNC depending on the amplifier chosen.

Our smallest OEM PCB footprint.

Sub micron resolution, with up to 25 mm range . 0 to + 10 volt analog output. Requires +/- 15 VDC analog power supply. Linearity ac- curacy to 0.1 % of full scale range up to 5kHz bandwidth. Frequency response must be specified at time of order.

Custom High Accuracy OEM solutions for micro-positioning and feedback control applications.

The Accumeasure MicroCap is a compact, custom designed, OEM capacitance board for high-precision non-contact displacement, thickness and gap measurement. The AccumeasureTM Microcap capacitance board allows rapid deployment for OEMs that require custom measurement solutions for micro-positioning, thermal correction, focusing and closed loop control applications.

Probes and Probe Systems

Probes need to be mated with a capacitance amplifier. Some probes have integral leads, others require selecting a coaxial cable assembly. MTI works with OEM clients to make custom probes meeting specific application needs.

Accumeasure Wireless Closeup

A Bluetooth 2.4gHz wireless capacitive-gap sensor to accurately measure the distance to a grounded metal target.

The system is a 2.4gHz wireless capacitive gap sensor paired with a receiving device. Both the transmitter “sensor” and receiver devices are “Bluetooth” radio frequency transceivers. They both are capable of transmitting and receiving digital packet messages. Multiple sensor and receiver devices may be operated in a close environment as they will not interfere with each other. Users can program and calibrate the Probe assemblies with MTI provided software.

Accumeasure Probes

High resolution, low cost sensors to measure gap and displacement in industries such as semiconductor, electronics, R&D applications and many more.

For grounded targets MTI offers standard capacitance probes. For ungrounded or poorly grounded targets MTI offers push/pull dual sensor probes. Both types of probes are available in stainless steel construction or flat and flexible polyimide construction. Polyimide flat probes are perfect for gap applications or confined spaces.

About MTI Instruments: Made in America

MTI Instruments is a US-based manufacturer of precision tools, systems and solutions for clients requiring the precise measurement and control of products and processes, and for the development and implementation of automated manufacturing, assembly, and complex machinery operation.

Our product solutions are used in:

  • Engine vibration analysis systems for military and commercial aircraft applications
  • Industrial manufacturing/production markets
  • Research, design and process development