Digital Accumeasure Gen 3MTI’s Digital Accumeasure converts highly reliable capacitive electric field measurements into highly precise 24-bit digital readings. This digital capacitance displacement gauge interfaces with DASYLab, data acquisition (DAQ) software from Measurement Computing with tools and functions for application development without programming. By interfacing MTI’s Digital Accumeasure with DASYLab, you can get precise sensor measurements without sacrificing speed, reliability, or ease-of-use.

The Digital Accumeasure connects to DASYLab through a Modbus interface. Because MTI’s precision measurement technology has direct digital outputs, you can directly import digital displacement values instead of lower-resolutions analog values. In other words, instead of converting measurements to analog outputs that add noise and linearity, you get highly accurate displacement measurements every time. MTI’s Modbus output has a total of 18 registers that can be read.

In a recent App Note, MTI Instruments explains how to choose and configure a Modbus analog input to read all of the registers. This resource also contains the fixed-length response protocol for each register, which contains one 16-bit word.

Click here to read the Application Note. 

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