Foam Density Measurement: Capacitance Sensors vs. Nuclear Gauges

MTI Instruments compares the use of Capacitance Sensors and Nuclear Gauges to measure foam density in the manufacturing process in this newly published Application Note. We examine the basic operating principles of each technology and explains why capacitance measurement is recommended for in-line measurement during foam manufacturing.

Nuclear gauges make fast, accurate measurements but come with disadvantages in terms of safety, security, and calibration. Additional disadvantages of nuclear gauging systems include their cost of purchase and lengthy return on investment.

Like nuclear gauges, capacitance sensors are fast and accurate. However, capacitance gauging does not require extensive calibration. Moreover, there is no contact with the material under test. With Digital Accumeasure technology from MTI Instruments, foam manufacturers can measure the density of foam in-line without the downsides of nuclear gauging. Plus, Accumeasure technology is more cost-effective.

Read the details of the comparison in our Application Note.