Achieving high resolution and accuracy for very small displacement measurements is generally an expensive and complex undertaking.  The typical instrument of choice for achieving the accuracy required (picometer resolution with nanometer accuracy) is a laser interferometer.  However, MTI Instruments Accumeasure D200HD Amplifier provides exceptional accuracy and stability while coming in at significant cost savings with ease of use.

We decided to pit the AccumeasureHD vs a Laser Interferometer and compare results.  Specifically, this comparison focuses on minimum expected resolution and the effects of noise on accuracy.  Micro positioning applications include measuring the mask height of semiconductor wafers during lithography.

The testing and article were produced by MTI Instruments’ engineers.  The Albany, New York (USA) company documents the setup and results enabling the readers to decide which tool is the right choice for them.

Click here to get your copy of “MTI’s Accumeasure HD Amplifier vs. SmarAct’s PicoScale Interferometer”.

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