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Portable Signal Generator

Powerful, Precise & Portable Signal Generator

As one of the most versatile and powerful hand-held signal generators on the market, the 1510A is a two-channel, battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled direct digital signal generator. It has an average battery life of 3 hours of continuous use. Weighing in at under two pounds, makes it ideal for use in the field.

1510A portable signal generator and calibrator

The Must-Have Diagnostic Tool for Engineers & Technicians

Portable and Rugged

Take the 1510A on the road on the production floor. Its compact form factor and rugged design includes spill proof keyboard which makes it ideal for power plants, service work and outdoor use.

Robust Signal Simulation

The 1510A can simulate accelerometers, velocity probes, audio signals, bridge circuits, eddy current probes, and much more. It can also be used to test data acquisition systems.

High Accuracy

Precise voltage and accurate charge signals are the hallmark of the 1510A. It provides voltage and frequency signals with 0.05% accuracy.

Rechargeable Batteries

The 1510A operates for several hours on a single charge of its built-in NiPAH batteries. This offers great flexibility in where and how you use / your new calibrator.

Flexible Programming

Up to 40 different "settings" can be SAVED and RECALLED instantly to make test set-up fast, easy, and repeatable.

Automatic sweep function

The sweep function of the 1510A allows simulation of machinery startups and shutdowns.

Programming Port

The built-in USB port permits remote control of the 1510A as well as re-calibration and pre-programming of control memories and calibration with optional software.

Dual Frequency Synthesizers

The 1510A features two independent digital synthesizers for accurate and independent control of signals.

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Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

Anyone who uses FLUKE or Tektronix function generators, or Endevco Accelerometer Simulators will benefit from using the 1510A instead.  Its a robust tool for generating signals and performing test functions for different kinds of sensors and performing a wide range of sumulations.